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tempjc (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#24 indicate pace and progress towards medal within game Race game Unspecified enhancement 09/09/11

This involves either a "ghost" car representing gold, silver and bronze medals or some kind of marking or coloring either on the road to next to the road indicating whether you're on pace to win a medal.

#26 Allow users to set key bindings Race game Unspecified enhancement 09/09/11

We probably don't need infinite flexibility, but it seems pretty standard to allow users to set keybindings for the different game actions.

#21 Support for IE8 Race game Unspecified task 09/09/11

We need to investigate what is blocking support of IE 9. This doesn't require that we actually implement under IE 9 but we need to make sure that we're not going down a path that would make that implementation impossible (or too hard).

tnixon (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#81 Add ability to sequence levels GameController Spring semester enhancement 10/19/11

To facilitate experiments on transfer, we need the ability to sequence levels. That is, students would only be able to see the button to start Level 2 once they've completed Level 1. Completion should be able to be defined as either earning a medal or number of times the game has been played (e.g. reveal level 2 after playing level 1 ten times) or both (whichever comes first).

#80 Log in datashop format Game architecture Spring semester task 10/19/11

We need to create a Javascript library that logs to datashop format. This will provide some commonality in logging across all the games we develop and will make it easier to

This can be based on the Java logging library. Alida can provide the source code to that. There is

This page:  https://pslcdatashop.web.cmu.edu/about/libraries.html has the logging library, but I think it is not source code.

This page:  https://pslcdatashop.web.cmu.edu/about/importverify.html has documentation on the format and the main documentation file is here:  http://pslcdatashop.org/dtd/guide/

#83 Get games working on Brainpop Website Spring semester task 10/19/11

We'd like to look at differences in data we get from Mathia and from Brainpop. The idea is that the Flash-based games (particularly the snowboarder) within Mathia have medals and other motivational and contextual elements which would not be present on Brainpop. If we get the games up on Brainpop, we'll be able to do comparisions. We could also (potentially) collect lots of data that can inform the setting of medal cutoffs in Mathia. Derek should be able to help us understand what needs to happen here.

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