Ticket #29 (new task)

Opened 6 years ago

Develop plan for skinning

Reported by: sritter Owned by: tempjc
Priority: major Milestone: Unspecified
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The code should be designed so that, within a game, code is (to the extent possible) identical across a skin. One likely way to do this is to define resource files that include sounds and images defining the skin (e.g the racecar set vs. the snowboard set). A compilation switch would produce either the race version or the snowboard version.

We need to consider the case where there are minor differences in behavior across skins. For example, the image of the racecar spins on an incorrect answer, where the image of the snowboarder changes in a different way (appearing to fall down). One way to handle this would be to build both bits of code into the single codebase and pass in a parameter (either at compiletime or at runtime) that controls which of these behaviors happen. Another is to isolate the "error behavior" in different codefiles and just specify the right one at compile time.

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