15:49 Ticket #103 (Don't have the engine always swallow input) created by tempjc
Currently the engine swallows all keyboard input all the time. This …
13:56 Changeset [a49d40b] by tempjc
Version incremented to 0.2.0
13:49 Changeset [59fdb6c] by tempjc
More explicitly deleting preloader when it finishes
13:44 Ticket #99 (Chrome performance very low) closed by tempjc
wontfix: The reason is in the most recent versions of Chrome, hardware acceleration …
11:13 Ticket #102 (Limit pace cars visible speed) created by tempjc
Prevent pace cars from 'teleporting' past the player when they get a wrong …
10:47 Changeset [af1bc3c] by tempjc
Fixing negative time, again.
10:45 Ticket #101 (Dashboard has negative time again) closed by tempjc
fixed: Fixed again, dashboard should no longer have negative time. V 0.1.3
10:45 Ticket #101 (Dashboard has negative time again) created by tempjc
Dashboard is displaying negative time for the countdown again. V 0.1.3
10:09 Ticket #100 (Level 4 content unavailable students) closed by tempjc
fixed: There was a local edit on the TestHarness? server that was preventing the …
10:07 Ticket #100 (Level 4 content unavailable students) created by tempjc
The Level 4 content was supposed to be available to students and for some …
10:02 Ticket #99 (Chrome performance very low) created by tempjc
Chrome 15 is showing very, very bad performance. The fluency game is …


14:51 Ticket #98 (Test IE8 shims) created by tempjc
Test the possible IE8 HTML5 shims and see if any can provide acceptable …
10:44 Ticket #97 (Allow whole part of mixed number to be reduced) created by tempjc
Give the FractionRenderer? class the ability to reduce the visual size of …


16:03 Ticket #43 (Unable to play consecutive games) closed by tempjc
worksforme: No further reports so likely no longer a problem.
15:59 Ticket #92 (Set up make up work for Calow absentees) closed by tempjc
fixed: Week 1b content added back into condition 6 and relabeled as Carlow Makeup …
14:29 Changeset [6fe85ef] by tempjc
Configuration change to allow for students absent from week 1 of the …
14:22 Ticket #89 (Mock up the Inequality Drop Variant game idea) closed by tempjc
fixed: Initial mockup of Inequality Drop Variant completed and attached.
14:08 Ticket #95 (Change the color of the bronze medal) closed by tempjc
fixed: Changed bronze from #A67D3D to #E26B10 V 0.1.3
14:01 Changeset [3780cc4] by tempjc
Changed bronze color and implemented medal colors as static value on …
11:45 Ticket #96 (Write Requirements Document for Number Line Game) created by tempjc
Write the requirements document for number line game concept.
10:42 Changeset [d9642e2] by tempjc
Added level 4 content for all students


15:57 Ticket #95 (Change the color of the bronze medal) created by tempjc
Change the color of the bronze medal to make it easier to distinguish from …
15:53 Ticket #94 (Generate new level 3 content for carlow) created by tempjc
Generate Lvl 3 HTML 0 with only tenth, hundredths and thousandths for …
14:49 Changeset [d09e1af] by tempjc
Reverting this week's Carlow content
14:20 Ticket #93 (Prepare new debug version for Carlow) created by tempjc
Prepare new debug version for Carlow laptop that is displaying the same …
12:50 Ticket #92 (Set up make up work for Calow absentees) created by tempjc
Need to set up week 1 content for the Carlow absentees who missed the …
08:55 Ticket #91 (Prep TestHarness for Carlow week 2) closed by tempjc
fixed: Game configuration changed.
08:55 Ticket #91 (Prep TestHarness for Carlow week 2) created by tempjc
Prep the TestHarness? configuration for Carlow week 2 content.
08:15 Changeset [2ba14fa] by tempjc
Button name changes for Carlow content.


14:40 Ticket #88 (Generate Level 4 problem sets) closed by tempjc
fixed: Level 4 data generated, loaded to instructor preview and ported the data …
14:16 Changeset [e2d5b02] by tempjc
Fixed level 4 stages 3, 4, and 5 not having values larger than 1
12:29 Changeset [c71b122] by tempjc
Updated top level datasets.xml
12:19 Changeset [a074d4f] by tempjc
Adding Level 4 content to instructor preview
11:20 Changeset [da2c0e1] by tempjc
Merge branch 'master' into html5-prototype
11:19 Changeset [186edae] by tempjc
Level 4 data generated
11:00 Changeset [35541bc] by tempjc
Fixed auto-aborts and added ability to constrain the denominator
10:51 Changeset [cba5d98] by tempjc
Increased maximum fail count from 20 to 100


16:08 Milestone Fall Weeks 1-3 completed
16:07 Milestone First Race Demo completed
16:06 Ticket #90 (Add visual checkpoint indicators to the race game) closed by tempjc
fixed: Both added. V 0.1.3
16:03 Changeset [f6b44fb] by tempjc
Added visible checkpoints, hash marks for checkpoints on the minimap and …


17:08 Ticket #72 (Changing speed while in turbo) closed by tempjc
fixed: Player can no longer change speed while in turbo mode. V 0.1.3
17:04 Changeset [2961a8d] by tempjc
Prevent player from changing speed during turbo
15:58 Changeset [b9ae357] by tempjc
Added comments
12:57 Ticket #38 (Occasionally LaneChosen is null) closed by tempjc
fixed: Questions with no answer are forcefully evaluated (as long as the tab is …
12:51 Changeset [404d3f1] by tempjc
Minor fix for handling question answers not being set.
12:07 Ticket #90 (Add visual checkpoint indicators to the race game) created by tempjc
Add checkpoint markers on the race track to show where the checkpoints are …
12:05 Ticket #89 (Mock up the Inequality Drop Variant game idea) created by tempjc
Illustrate and describe the game concepts in more in depth detail for …
12:03 Ticket #88 (Generate Level 4 problem sets) created by tempjc
Generate Level 4 problem sets. Level 4 (decimal selector, fraction …
12:02 Ticket #87 (Build number line framework) created by tempjc
Build the basic game logic framework for playing a number line type game.


15:07 Changeset [42e4d7d] by tempjc
Removal of Carlow specific content for the week.
14:17 Changeset [5c6233c] by tempjc
Initial numberline commit
13:07 Ticket #86 (Add retry button to end game screen) created by tempjc
Add retry button to end game screen


12:06 Changeset [4f37814] by tempjc
Carlow content added to condition 6


17:05 Ticket #85 (Selectors going off top of the screen) closed by tempjc
fixed: Selectors are no longer cut off by the top of the screen. V 0.1.3
17:02 Ticket #85 (Selectors going off top of the screen) created by tempjc
When fractions are used as selectors, the top of the fraction gets cut off …
16:54 Changeset [eca217b] by tempjc
Version number update, fixed fraction selectors going off the top of the …
15:41 Ticket #73 (Add Race Map) closed by tempjc
fixed: Minimap added to the dashboard and it tracks both the player and the medal …
15:38 Changeset [1f9c89d] by tempjc
Fixed medal pace cars and added minimap
14:05 Ticket #56 (Add HTML5 engine to fluency browser) closed by tempjc
fixed: The ft1_racecar_html5 engine has been added to the fluency browser.


14:45 Ticket #84 (Add Dynamic Hints) created by tempjc
Add hints that pop up to inform the player based on their actions.
14:43 Changeset [3ddc8bf] by tempjc
Quick syntax fix
14:34 Ticket #77 (Debug performance issue) closed by tempjc
fixed: Several improvements done to solve this: - Set the engine to a 'fixed' …
14:23 Ticket #44 (Game fails to load on first load) closed by tempjc
fixed: Added a 3 second loading screen delay because the script needs some extra …
13:11 Changeset [51099d9] by tempjc
Added fake preloading screen to fix the problem when loading for the first …


12:23 Changeset [84f7ef3] by tempjc
Cleanup functionality added on end of game and unload which should prevent …


14:32 Ticket #83 (Get games working on Brainpop) created by sritter
We'd like to look at differences in data we get from Mathia and from …
14:29 Ticket #82 (Support Playpower games in test harness) created by sritter
To facilitate using Derek's games (particularly Battleship Numberline) at …
14:24 Ticket #81 (Add ability to sequence levels) created by sritter
To facilitate experiments on transfer, we need the ability to sequence …
14:02 Ticket #80 (Log in datashop format) created by sritter
We need to create a Javascript library that logs to datashop format. This …
13:36 Ticket #37 (Decimal Generator Bugfix) closed by tempjc
wontfix: Will not fix, new items.DI generates decimals to specified …
13:34 Ticket #58 (Generator core needs to support new format) closed by tempjc
fixed: Support for new HTML5 XML file format implemented.
13:33 Ticket #53 (Generate Week 3 problem sets) closed by tempjc
fixed: Level 3 data sets generated and place on server.
09:47 Changeset [ea99c6e] by tempjc
Removed level 1 content from student view. Added level 2 and 3 HTML5 …
09:46 Changeset [0022fa6] by tempjc
Level 3 data
09:42 Changeset [bc46df6] by tempjc
Level 3 content generator, updated core generator to support new XML …


12:49 Changeset [684cac9] by tempjc
Tracking overall framecount, and real time elapsed.


18:49 Changeset [5893122] by tempjc
Prerendered background and dashboard to minimize low level drawing calls
17:50 Changeset [ad42f42] by tempjc
merging in optimizations to debug
17:22 Changeset [759ae44] by tempjc
A few more minor optimizations.


13:33 Ticket #59 (Replace dynamic binds) closed by tempjc
fixed: Functions used only in bound form, and used more than once have now been …
13:21 Changeset [beeb510] by tempjc
Functions only used in bound form and are used more than once are now …
12:52 Ticket #79 (Penalty time not finishing update) closed by tempjc
fixed: Penalty time will now finish visually updating, despite the player …
12:51 Ticket #79 (Penalty time not finishing update) created by tempjc
Occasionally penalty time will not finish updating because the player …
12:47 Changeset [d654a17] by tempjc
Bugfix to allow Dashboard to finish updating penalty time if it did not …
12:40 Changeset [1bc6489] by tempjc
As v 0.1.1 is on the server already, incrementing the version number
12:39 Changeset [d2c39ca] by tempjc
More get() and set() removal optimizations
12:24 Changeset [73f6257] by tempjc
Using fillRect() for background stuff
12:19 Changeset [d849015] by tempjc
PerspectiveNode? update reduction optimization.
11:36 Ticket #75 (Log data from instructor preview) closed by tempjc
fixed: Server now logs data to XML, but not to SQL from the instructor preview …
11:33 Changeset [8d7079c] by tempjc
Tweak to make server side parser happy.
11:31 Ticket #74 (Create debug version) closed by tempjc
fixed: - Debug branch of html5-prototype created (html5-debug) - Added stage to …
11:28 Ticket #76 (Add debug HTML5 engine to TestHarness) closed by tempjc
fixed: Debug engine has been integrated to the test harness (as …
10:17 Changeset [8f30e73] by tempjc
get() removal optimizations.


14:39 Changeset [1b008d4] by tempjc
Fixed unclosed FPS tag in debug output. Also reduced overall FPS average …
13:57 Changeset [3348565] by tempjc
Added debug level data and debug stage in games.json for instructors.
13:55 Ticket #78 (Separate level data and engine) created by tempjc
Separate the level data from being tied to the game engine on the server, …
13:44 Changeset [ef2e408] by tempjc
Fixed version number.
13:32 Changeset [e0ca8b7] by tempjc
Prepended '_DEBUG_' to UUID to make debug log files easier to find on the …
13:16 Changeset [391f695] by tempjc
Now saving XML (but now SQL) data for Instructors using instructor preview
12:52 Ticket #77 (Debug performance issue) created by tempjc
Solve the performance (low FPS) issues being reported on several machines …
12:47 Ticket #76 (Add debug HTML5 engine to TestHarness) created by tempjc
Integrate the debug version of the HTML5 game engine and make it available …
12:40 Ticket #75 (Log data from instructor preview) created by tempjc
Log output XMLs from instructor accounts using instructor preview for …
10:24 Changeset [bd61f30] by tempjc
Tweaked spike logging, detection. Added debug info to output xml. Now …
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